Double Ended Stainless Steel G Spot Wand Prostate Massage Stick

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Round and smooth structure, take good care of anal muscle: integrated molding, well-made high quality,exquisite appearance and smooth and easy to blemish,no scratch

Ergonomic excellence: can be applied to any lubricant, which can sustainable exercise anus and abdominal muscles with an excellent feeling.

Beautiful appearance and convenient to use: with hard texture, excellent vibration preformance, free change & swing, which can meet your various postures.

Easy to clean and no residue: the metal body of this device can be directly washed .

Stainless steel structure with safe,healthy and comfortable features: made by 316 stainless steel with mirror polishing process, no electroplating and absolute environmental friendly.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I didn't really thin much of this toy when looking at it online it just looked like a piece of metal that didn't do anything but after buying one and trying it i wish i would have gotten one more soon. I have only ever had one hands free "O" in my life and after using it once i had 2 in a row. As a gay man ive tried alot of toys over the years and this one is my favorite by far


Right price, easiest method for prostate massage. Not sure if it really is effective for helping with enlarged prostate or increasing blood flow to help prevent problems but I like the theory and I feel like I can do something for myself to help.


This massager is amazing! I got it yesterday and gave it a try and was blown away with how well it works. It really helped me relieve my stress. It is also awesome quality and has some serious weight to it. Also USPS lost the package after they delivered it to the wrong address. When I contacted the seller and let them know they quickly sent me a replacement. Awesome customer service.


It looks Like a piece of Abstract Art. This is a big advance over other devices that you might purchase in that it doesn't look like something that would give away its function. If anyone knows what it's used for they probably don't care. The other great advantage is that you can use any lubricant you want with it since stainless steal does not degrade.

It's heavy and strong and can be used as a cudgel to defend yourself from a home invader in an emergency.

Was very skeptical at first....

I have been eying this toy for some time and finally decided to take a chance and purchase it. It arrived rather quickly and discreet. Upon opening the package I was a little let down by the looks but at the same time impressed by the weight of this toy. As soon as I got the chance (within the hour) I was laying on my back testing it out. I was absolutely amazed and shocked about how good this toy is. I inserted the small end first to see what the steel felt like, and was impressed. It didn't take long before I was using the large end. I only had to apply lube once and it never dried out nor was painful. Steel toys are amazing.

The easiest way I found to use this wonderful toy was laying on my back with a pillow under the small of my back to support me. I fished it around until I hit my magic spot. Once I found it I didn't thrust it in and out I applied pressure to my fun spot by rocking the toy front to back. Within 10 mins I was having an amazing hands free " O ". Super intense and multiples the first time. Comparing this my other p spot toys is a no win for them. Hands down the best and easiest toy in my arsenal of sex toys. Much cheaper and just as good as the other one on the market. 10 out of 10 would recommend.


P: a caixa externa terá alguma palavra sobre o produto sexual quando for enviada?

R: Você pode ter certeza de que todos os nossos brinquedos sexuais para adultos vêm embalados discretamente.


P: Estou tendo problemas para fazer pedidos online, o que devo fazer?

R: Entre em contato com o atendimento ao cliente: Ou entre em contato conosco diretamente no site


P: a caixa externa terá alguma palavra sobre o produto sexual quando for enviada?

R: Você pode ter certeza de que todos os nossos brinquedos sexuais para adultos vêm embalados discretamente.


P: Quanto tempo levará para o meu produto chegar?

R: Caso o método de entrega 'Transporte aéreo internacional por linha de frete' seja fornecido, o tempo geral de envio internacional é de aproximadamente 1 a 2 semanas.


P: Quero cancelar meu pedido, o que devo fazer?

R: Você pode entrar em contato com nossa equipe imediatamente e faremos o possível para resolver isso para você.


P: Por que eu pressiono o botão, mas ele não funciona?

R: Pressionar duas vezes o botão fará com que ele ligue e desligue. Certifique-se de pressionar e segurar o botão por 2 segundos e depois solte.


P: como limpar os brinquedos?

R: A limpeza com seu limpador de brinquedos favorito ou água morna e sabão é suficiente.

Política de garantia

Todos os produtos Levett oferecem uma garantia de 12 meses para quaisquer defeitos de materiais e mão de obra a partir da data de compra.

Apresentações de cuidados

  • Limpe bem o vibrador antes e depois de cada uso com fluido esterilizante ou limpador de brinquedos.
  • Não use produtos à base de álcool, detergentes não diluídos ou lubrificantes à base de silicone em produtos de silicone, pois isso pode danificar a superfície dos produtos.
  • Após o uso e limpeza, guarde os vibradores em sua própria embalagem.
  • Por favor, use o cabo USB original da Levett para carregar, pois isso pode danificar os vibradores.
  • Observe! Todos os vibradores Levett não podem funcionar durante o carregamento.


  • Leia atentamente o manual do usuário antes de usar.

  • Este não é um brinquedo infantil - apenas para uso adulto

  • Se você não tiver certeza ou estiver grávida - consulte um médico antes de usar.

  • Este produto é classificado como equipamento eletrônico.

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Benefits of a Prostate Massager

Use Safety

Many beginners contract HPV and other STDs as a result of making friends, which can be devastating for them.

For ED Group

For men with erectile dysfunction, can't enjoying an orgasm can lead to enormous frustration in long time.

Nice Gift

Not satisfied with once a week? Present him a LEVETT prostate massager. He can feel your warmth any where.