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A big bulge refers to the noticeable protrusion or outline of a person's genitalia, specifically the penis, visible through their clothing. It can occur due to various factors, such as the absence of underwear, tightness of pants, or the material and color of the fabric. The bulge can indicate the shape and size of both flaccid and erect penises.


Additionally, it's worth mentioning that individuals who identify as transgender men or drag kings may choose to create the appearance of a bulge through a practice called packing. Packing involves wearing padding or devices in the front area to give the illusion of a bulge. Soft packing refers to non-penetrative padding like socks or padding, while hard packing involves using devices that can be used for sexual penetration, such as a strap-on.


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How to be a big bulge man ?


To achieve maximum bulge visibility, you can employ a Hollywood trick:


According to Donna Hughes, a wardrobe supervisor with experience in television and film, there's a clever technique employed by costumers when a script requires a prominent bulge. They often line the front of the underwear with soft padding, similar to shoulder pads, to create a desired shape. Alternatively, there are specialty underwear options available for purchase that are specifically designed to enhance the appearance of the bulge.


By employing these techniques, individuals can achieve the desired visual effect and enhance their overall appearance on screen or stage. It's worth noting that this approach is commonly used in the entertainment industry to fulfill specific wardrobe requirements and create a desired aesthetic.


Can you wear sex toys to achieve the desired effect?


Yes, sex toys can be used to simulate the appearance of genitalia, including creating a bulge resembling male genitalia when worn. For those who wish to present a male-like appearance in sexual performances, role-playing, or stage acts, they can choose to wear sex toys such as packers or strap-on devices designed to create a bulge effect.


These sex toys, commonly referred to as "packers" or "packing" devices, aim to provide a realistic appearance and boost confidence. They can be used by individuals who want to mimic or create a specific appearance.


What is the most suitable sex toy for a big bulge men?


The most suitable sex toy for achieving a big bulge varies based on personal preferences and needs. Here are several common options:


Packer/Soft Packer: These are soft, flexible toys designed to simulate the appearance of male genitalia. They are often made of materials like silicone or rubber to provide a realistic feel and comfort.


STP (Stand-to-Pee) devices: STP devices are designed to simulate the ability to stand and urinate like a male, while also providing a bulge effect. These devices typically feature a mechanism for collecting urine and come with appropriate attachment options for easy wearability.


Strap-on/Prosthetic devices: These toys can be used to simulate an erect state. They are usually made of silicone or other rigid materials and come with secure straps for safe and comfortable use.

 Cock ring: Yes, incorporating a cockring can be a suitable option for enhancing the visibility of a big bulge. A cockring is a ring-shaped device, typically made of soft materials like silicone, that is worn around the base of the penis. Its purpose is to help prolong erection, increase sensitivity, and provide additional stimulation.

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Wearing a cockring can help maintain an erection for a longer period, thus enhancing the visibility of a big bulge. It can increase engorgement and hardness of the penis, making it more prominent when wearing tight pants or other form-fitting clothing.


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