Mignon. Why you should choose our Kegel Ball Egg Vibrator?

1.Why not try wearing this stimulating egg during foreplay with your partner? 16 speeds vibration patterns and the electric shocks which send intense sensations throughout your body - also great for a first time toy.

2.Use our egg vibrator to relax the vaginal muscle and increasing vaginal lubracation, make you easier reach orgasm. The eletric stimulation improving blood circulation to the vaginal and will make it more tight.

3.Made from the high grade medical silicone with a flexible cord, the egg vibrator is ideal for external stimulation but is also suitable for wearing internally.

4.Low-intensity frequency pulse can promote the healing of injured nerves, reduce pain, and also have a therapeutic effect on the recovery of conduction function. Many women, especially postpartum women, will have the problem of vaginal relaxation, and our kegel ball is to solve the problem of women's vaginal relaxation through physical exercise.

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