cfnm story-Obedient and Anal Build up

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We were lying naked on top of the blankets. You were stroking my chest and belly, nuzzling your face into my neck, breathing in the smell of me. I took your right hand and slid it down to my soft penis. You instantly began to pet me, gently running your fingers up and down my shaft, around the edges of the head of my dick, dipping your pinky finger into the hole on the top of it. I pulled your body against me harder. My cock began to harden.

"Suck it," I said, in a tone indicating I had no doubt you would.

And you did.

You rose to your knees beside my head, and lowered your face to my groin, cupping my balls in one hand and taking my half-erect cock into your mouth hungrily.

I immediately began to get harder, which encouraged you and made your mouth water. You opened your mouth and pushed me as far in your mouth as you could, letting your tongue hang out of your mouth, licking my penis as much as you could. This made your mouth water more, and I realized you had spit running down your chin. You didn't care. I tasted so good. Smelled so good. I was getting so hard. You slid your tongue into the hole on the top of my penis and tasted some of my pre-cum that was welling up there for you. I was moaning.

You were enjoying this more than I thought you would. You hadn't sucked my cock in a couple of weeks, and you'd been horny for me for a while, and had thought that you would need me to fuck you as soon as I was hard, but you seemed to really enjoy sucking my cock. I decided to reposition myself to get more comfortable, I wanted to stay here a while. You moved from kneeling beside me to straddling my chest, your freshly shaved pussy in my face.

"What a beautiful pussy you have," I said.

"Mmmmm." you agreed, as you continued to slobber on my cock. You wagged your dripping wet cunt in my face.

I pull your ass cheeks apart.

"What a sexy pink little asshole you have."

This excited you. You moved your mouth up and down on my cock, slurping loudly, hoping I would notice.

You could feel my hot breath against your asshole.

"Did you clean that asshole out for me today?" I asked.

You take my cock out of your wet mouth long enough to say, "Yes, baby."

"What a good girl."

My approval excites you, and you eagerly took my cock back into your mouth, pushing it way back as far as it would go. You gagged a little, and that produced a fresh layer of tick slobber. You grasped the base of my cock and stroked me as good as you could while you continued to suck the head of my sweet cock. I was so hard. You moved in a way to make me think I tasted so good.

My tongue found its way around your ass. You stopped and gasped. Just for a second, then went back to servicing my throbbing penis. It was very hard now.

My finger ran along your slit. You were so wet. It felt so good for me to touch you.

"You're always so wet," I marveled.

"You always make me so horny," you mumbled, your mouth full of cock.

I raised my hips, sliding my cock into your throat, and at the same time I plunged one of my fingers, wet with your juices, up your asshole.

You gasped, and began to eagerly suck and stroke me.

I felt wetness in your asshole. I was licking you sloppily, salivating heavily. Soon, I had two fingers in your cunt, and another in your ass. You pushed your hips back against me, to show your appreciation. You licked and sucked more excitedly on my strong hard cock.

Then you were overwhelmed by pleasure. You had to stop sucking, raised your head up, panting. I was making you feel so good, you thought you might cum. I felt your pussy muscles tighten. You grabbed my cock and tried to stroke it, but you were pretty caught up in what I was doing to your ass and pussy.

I continued to stroke your holes for a while, but I stopped and pulled my fingers away. The fingers I had in your pussy were slick with your cum, and I pulled your asshole apart and rubbed the juices there.

"I didn't say stop," I said to you, not harshly.

Oh god. You scrambled to get my cock back in your mouth as quickly as you could manage.

"You like sucking my cock, don't you?"

You mumbled yes and nodded in agreement. I pushed your head down and lifted my hips up, gagging you again.

"You better get that cock nice and wet, baby. when you're done, you know what I'm going to do to you, don't you?"

You nodded eagerly, up and down on my cock. I was throbbing. You were afraid if you didn't stop soon I’d cum in your mouth.

You slid your mouth up and down, slobbering as much as you could, so excited I couldn't stop moaning. I was gasping for air. You love it when I’m so hard and know you made me that way.

My cock was big and hard, throbbing, covered sticky with your saliva. Your pussy was wet, also throbbing, and your ass was full of your pussy juices and my spit. You were about as ready as you were going to be, so I pulled you reluctantly away from my cock, letting you climb off of me.

"How do you want it?" You asked me.

"Get on your back."

You did as you were told.

"pull your legs bag, like last time."

you did as you were told.

I stood over you, my hard cock in my hand, gazing down lovingly. "God you look good", I said to you.

You looked me straight in the eye. I bent forward and kissed you gently. "Are you ready?"

you nodded.

Then you felt me spread your asshole apart. You felt the head of my cock against your asshole. I pushed into you.

You moaned. Pleasure and a little discomfort that slipped away quickly.

I pushed harder. You closed your eyes. "Are you okay?" I asked you.

You nodded and I plunged deeply in your ass. Completely past the discomfort.

You felt so tight. You moaned again, opened your eyes. I was still gazing down at you. When you made eye contact with me and smiled, your nostrils flared and I began pounding you. Nothing but pure pleasure and desire in your eyes. You were pleasing me. You belonged to me. You closed your eyes and I lowered myself down on you, really pushing in deep now.

"Still okay?"

"Oh baby," you whimpered, opening your eyes, and looking right at me, "I have never been better."

And then I grabbed your hips and fucked you mercilessly, harder than I’d ever fucked your ass before, filling you full of my hot cum and making you scream with pleasure.

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