Sex in Couples How to Regain the Original Passion Back.

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No matter whether you have been dating for a year or many years, you may encounter a period of hitting a wall in your relationship, that is, you are bored when you are together, and you don't know what you need. You will find that you can't find the enthusiasm when you first met, and you are no longer in a hurry to strip her clothes off and hit her directly from behind.


So what can you do to get back your original passion and enjoy sex again? In fact, there are a lot of ways, it just depends on whether you are willing to try them, and integrate these methods into your daily life, so that sex is no longer static.

How could this be? That's because you've fallen into the trap of boredom where sex becomes a routine rather than a thrill and fun. So, how can we regain the original passion and sexual happiness? Here are a few reasons LEVETT have summarized:

 1. Kiss Her Affectionately

After a lot of people start dating, some of the things they would have done before dating disappear. Kissing is the most common example. Try not to just kiss her lips, but look at her with longing and dissatisfied eyes, as if you haven't seen each other for a long time; then hold her face with both hands, kiss her passionately and grab her buttocks .

Give her a pat on the ass after the kiss and tell her she looks so sexy. Continuing to add such bridges to your life will rekindle the spark in your sex life.

2. Make Her Feel Sexy

Many women feel that they are not sexy enough, and the main reason is that they lack confidence in themselves. Although these are just thoughts in their own minds, if you try to compliment them more and praise them for how sexy they are, it is like giving them a boost.

When you have sex with your other half, it seems like you are doing your homework, which makes you feel tired?

And when a woman feels more sexy, the sexual desire will be stronger. So, compliment her body, tell her how beautiful she is in the morning, how she's attracted to you, etc. If you want to learn more about the way to open a woman's lust, you can read this: "Sex Golden Sentences" to Convince a Woman to Have Love with You.

3. Try Exciting Things Together

Do you remember when you first started dating her, you blushed every time you saw her? That's because you were going through something new. This is when your body releases dopamine, which makes you like each other even more.
It's very important to recreate that feeling.

How to do it? It is recommended that you try something new and exciting together. Write down the things that might make you happy and excited, maybe a go-to trip, learn to dance together, go to her dream restaurant, etc., and then do it.

4. Share the Content of Your Sexual Fantasies ( Make a List )

The two of you can sit down and have a good chat and make a list of sex things you want to try, no matter how crazy or boring. With this list in hand, you can try to complete a few of them each week. Don't feel shy or embarrassed, just do what you've never done before, and you'll feel the excitement you've never had before.

5. Try New Positions

If you find sex with your significant other boring, it's because you're in the same position every time and it's just over and over again. You have to try all kinds of new positions to make sex more exciting.

Have you tried the back door? What about 69? What about doggystyle? There are thousands of positions, and you should try something different each time.

6. Role-Playing

Role-playing is also a way to add fun. Of course, if you don't cosplay a lot, it can be awkward, so make sure you're both 100% in the role at the moment.

Have you ever thought about dressing up as a teacher and teaching your students in class? Let her dress up if you can. Maybe she wants to be a superhero or some other character you can't think of, how would you know if you don't ask.



7. Adventurous Sex

The room isn't the only place to have sex, try other places in the house. If you're brave enough, try it out in a public place. As long as you can get back the original spark of passion, there is nothing you can't try!

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