18 Gays Describe Their First Time

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An orgasm can be quite a shock to the system, particularly if you didn't know your body was capable of having one. At first, orgasms can be surprising, accidental, or even scary (or a combination of those feelings). In most cases, though, orgasms are fun and leave people wanting more.

Plus, everyone has orgasms at a different point in life. Some people had an unforgettable run-in with a hot tub jet as a kid, while others had a teenage curiosity that involved stumbling upon internet porn. Many learn to orgasm through masturbation, and some go their whole sex life without orgasming at all.

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I remember my first time : after a party my future boyfriend and I have been watching porn
At first he put some straight sex porn (a man fucking a woman), but it didn't got me hard, but i changed the video and put some gay porn
He said that i was crazy and all but i saw his cock going all hard watching it
Then he was the first person i've ever told i was homosexual
I told him i loved men, and that he was the one i loved
Then we had a kiss, a long kiss
He then pulled his cock out of his pants : we looked at each others and had another kiss...i knew what i had to do
I blew him
I sucked his cock
I was so hard that i cummed very quickly...and so did he
He shot his load in my mouth and i happily ate all his cum, then i ate mine
Then we had another kiss for a long time (maybe 20 minutes ?), and we got hard again
Then he somehow fell asleep, so i went to his parents room
When i came back i was wearing his mom panties and tights and i told him i wanted a real man
And he fucked me quite hard for a first time
I still feel him when he cummed in my ass
I moaned like a woman and i didnt feel ashamed for it
He was my first boyfriend, and we've been living together for ten years
We broke up but i still love him

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I say my real first time what I mean is the first real hard cock a man's cock. Well I met Peter on our first day at high school and we became best friends, we did everything together infact we were always together. He would stay at my house and I would stay at his but I always got the feeling his mother did not like me but his father was always nice to me. His patients were teachers his mother was a deputy head at a private school in Glasgow.that's why she didn't like or so I thought....
To cut a long story short Peter and me did end up playing with each other as we would read the porn mags we find.
Then one night I was staying with him he say said he had one of his dad's mags for us. Well it was schoolgirls lots of schoolgirls but schoolgirls with cocks, well fast forward they have separated we were 15 at this time so it was my turn to stay with Peter,
so l went round to his dad's and he invited me in saying Peter would not be long. Sitting down he gets me a coke saying he's going for a shower as he's going out. I sit there coke in hand watching a blank screen on the t.v. after his shower he comes back wearing a short black kimono satting next to me he says sorry he was watching a movie and before I could say anything he pass the button and the movie started again and yes it was a schoolgirl on a desktop with the teacher sucking her cock God it was hot
so hot. Then I feel his knee against mine I look down his kimono is open that's when I see my first real hard cock and it looks amazing long thick and so inviting, I can't take my eyes of it and he can see that he just says it's okay as he takes my hand and putting it on this amazing cock I feel just how thick it is I slowly run my hand up and down it. With his hand at the back of my neck he pulls me in close to him and kisses me and all I can think is I have my friends dads cock in my hand his tongue in my mouth.and god it feels great, we stop kissing and with his hand still at the back of my neck he says would I like you as he slowly pushes my face down I'm looking at his gorgeous cock still a bit nervous I open my mouth and run my tongue over the head of his cock opening my lips he pushed down and I had his cock my first-ever real cock in my mouth God did it tasted good but it more him fucking my mouth then me sucking. But as he started to moan he let go and I started to suck and suck I couldn't get enough of it the feeling of it or the taste of it in my mouth I just wanted more and more. With the movie playing in the background i just keep sucking my friends dad's cock, I didn't know just how much I wanted this but when I had his cock in my mouth and running my hands over his balls I knew then. (Only a guy can suck a cock right) he pull me up kissed me asked if I wanted to watch the movie or go to bed. In the bedroom he starts to undress me kissing and licking as he does getting to my boxers he runs his month his tongue round my cock before pulling down my boxers and taking my cock in his month, sucking so hard he slowly pushes a finger inside me. With him finger fucking me and sucking I cum God I cum fuck I cum so hard, he sucks me clean licking his lips we kiss again I get to taste my cock. We jump into bed and pull out a pink diddo from under the pillow. Putting to his lips he licks it, opening his month he start to suck it slowly pushing in and out of his month, I move over taking it in my hand too. Slowly we are kissing and licking this pink dick our mouths meet and kiss hard as he opens his legs for me to fuck him with the pink dick, but he says no gets up go's to the wardrobe pulls out a schoolgirl uniform saying I want you to put this on and fuck me.
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After a few years of watching gay-porn I started wondering what it would like to suck some real dick and get fucked, so I started looking for a Sex-date in my area.
I quickly found a nice, 52 yr old man (im 23). He was really nice and told me not to worry, we won't do anything I dont like and so on.. So I decided to give it a shot, and met with him.
Let's name him C. When we arrived at his apartment, I realised he's a therapist because his workplace was also his home. I instantly felt a little better because I knew he wouldn't do anything
stupid since I knew his name, his workplace and everything.

Well.. I was really nervous, and he must've felt it. So he gave me some "orders" (what I really really liked), and so I started doing what he said:

"take off your pants" - I did
"underwear as well" - Again, I did what he said
"now start jerking off slowly, and tell me about you" So I started and told him my fantasies, that Id like to suck his dick, that I wanna get toyed in the ass and maybe fucked.

He took of his pants and underwear (I was sitting on his couch) and walked in front of me, his dick right in front of my face and told me to kiss it.
I got really nervous because his cock was big and hard (and beautiful as well), but since he gave me the order I followed (I found out that I love following orders!).

"Lick it" - I started licking the tip
"And now open your mouth" - here was it, the moment I waited for, so I did.

I cant really say much about the next ~10 to 15 minutes because I enjoyed sucking his dick so much that I cant really remember if anything happend during that time.
Until the next order came:
"lay down on your stomache, and spread your legs and wait" - so I did
After about 2-3 Minutes he came back from a different room, and what I saw made me happy - he had some toys :)

He had about 3 Dildos, the third one was bigger than his dick and he played with my asshole for quite some time until the third and biggest one was
completely gone in my ass - he did it really good, almost no pain involved even though I was (at that time) still an anal virgin.

All the playing aroused me so much that I came for the first time. But he didnt tell me to, so as a "punishment" he started fucking me slowly with
his real dick - no toy.

And again, for the next 10~ 15 minutes I dont remember much, I only know that I was enjoying it soo much.
After fucking me really hard and good, he left me 3 choices:
"Open your mouth and suck my dick till I come"
"Spread your ass even wider, so I can come into it"
"Cum for me and eat your own cum, after I came on your face"
I chose the first one. I really liked the taste, and came right after him.
This friday we probably meet again.

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I had just had sex for the first time recently with my girlfriend and I wanted to try a man, so I looked online for an older man. I was 18 at the time and he told me he would be my daddy, so I was very interested (he was about 50, to this day I don't know his name, but I just call him daddy). So I decided that I wanted to wear my step-sisters thong to feel sexier, so I put that on and drove over there. He answered the door and immediately took me up to his bedroom. I was very nervous but he undressed me and began sucking my cock, which made me very horny and I took his cock into my mouth, it was big and fat and I was a little scared to take it in my ass. As I was sucking me he said, "Are you sure you haven't done this before baby?" Without taking his cock out of my mouth I shook my head no, and after about 10 minutes he asked me if I wanted to be fucked in my ass, I said yes and he bent me over the corner of his bed and he entered me. For the first few minutes it really hurt, but I didn't want to say stop, I would have felt bad, so I decided to stick it out, and im glad I did because then it began to feel amazing and I didn't want him to stop, he was so thick it felt like he was gonna rip me in half, I fucking loved it. He came in my ass and we talked while until I decided to suck his cock, and I sucked it until he got hard and came in my mouth, it was the first cum that I had eaten that wasn't my own, and I enjoyed it. After that we waited again until he could fuck me again, and this time it was 100% enjoyment. I fucked him again, months later, he picked me up and I sucked his cock on the ride to his house. He had set up some space in his living room (I guess he couldn't wait to get me up into his bedroom, that's fine I took it as a compliment :D) and he fucked me and came in my ass three times, then we showered and I sucked him off. I love daddies and I love doing whatever they demand of me

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I was 11 at my grandma's taking a bath. I never take baths... just showers. I was in the bath and remembered what we were talking about the day before in "Human Growth and Development" classes at school (Don't know if this still goes on, but that was in the mid 90's). I was so worried after the classes that I would "all of a sudden" ejaculate in my pants while at school. I don't know why I decided to try to jack off in the tub, but when I was sitting there I started to get hard and thought "Let's try this." All of a sudden I got that sensation that I was going to pee but I let it go. Before I knew it all heck broke loose and I let it fly. I got worried when I kept seeping out cum after I got out of the tub. It lasted for a long time... I figured out what had happened and the rest goes down in history. Good times!

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I was 11 or 12. Home alone. Wearing just my robe. Laying on the living room floor, watching TV. (Yeah! I liked to get naked just because it was "naughty", but did the robe just in case someone came home.) I don't remember what I was watching ...

I was touching myself, making "Animal" HARD, because it felt good, and was also Extremely Naughty! But, I wasn't really paying all that much attention, either.

Before I knew what was happening, I got all "Tingly", and "Animal" was spitting this white gooey stuff all over me, my robe, and the carpet. I honestly had NO idea what had just happened!! :eek:

When I tried to stand up, my legs were all wobbly, and I was feeling a bit sick to my stomach. But, I managed to stumble into the downstairs "powder room", and clean myself, and robe, off with toilet paper. That "stuff" was sticky, too! 

Got some damp paper towels from the kitchen, and blotted up the carpet. I then went upstairs to my room, changed into "tighty whities", and curled into a ball under my covers. I thought I had broken something! :cry:

I woke up the next morning only to find that my undies were soaked, and sticking to me! "Animal" had shot again! I'd just had my first "wet dream"! NOW I was SURE that I'd broken something!! I didn't dare say a word about it to Anyone! 

That day, after school, I purposefully cornered two friends to find out if that had ever happened to them. That's when I found out what was going on, what that "white stuff" really was, and that it was a perfectly natural thing to have happen. The older one, of the three of us, even took us into the woods to "demonstrate", and had us follow his lead just to "make sure" we understood, and could do it, too! 

"Animal", and I, have been doing that ever since!
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My own first experience was when I had just turned 13. But first, let me turn the clock back a few years to when I was about 8 or 9.

One day, in the country, I was walking through some scrubby bushes, and there, in a small clearing, were two guys (I suppose in their late teens, early twenties), pants down around their ankles, having a mutual wank. I hid, and watched with fascination.

To this day I remember my little heart beating. How I would have LOVED to have gone over and played with those big cocks. But as well as being quite excited, I was also naturally scared shitless.

After a while, one of them groaned and a huge gush of liquid came out of his cock. I was both shocked and mesmerized. Soon after, the other boy let loose with an even bigger load. :eek:

Then they both kissed and I was absolutely entranced! I distinctly recall the blood rushing to my head and I was sure they could hear the thumping in my chest! This was the most fantastic and exciting thing I had ever experienced! I reckon that might have been the turning point in sealing my sexual orientation (if ever there was any doubt!)

In the years that followed, I learned about the 'Facts of Life' - how babies were the result of a man and a woman :sex:ing and about rigid penises, masturbation, producing sperm etc etc.

Fast forward to when I was about 13. I was playing around with a boy of my own age - touching each other's dicks and balls. That incident I described above, which never left my mind, inspired me to suggest to my fellow 13 year old that we "pull each other off" (I believe that was the expression.) So we engaged in a round of mutual masturbation reminiscent of my experience about 4 years earlier. We were wanking away till our wrists were sore and nothing was happening. Then, still stroking me, my friend very gently touched my hole with the other hand and I blew an absolute geyser! (!)

Experiencing an ejaculation was not a scary or odd experience as others have described, for I had seen cum spew out of a cock before when I was a little kid - and I had since learned that this was quite natural.

I remember that I yelled with pleasure and I also remember my mate telling me to shush in case anyone heard me!

So, my very first orgasm was brought on by another guy's hand! And with my hole being very gently tweaked, too! Great start!

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i was 14 and looking at gay porn. i had been watching it for almost a year before that. i started to rub my cock through my pants and it felt odd. i freaked and stopped. the next day i tried it again and ended up cumming in my pants. felt so good. didnt use my hand for like a month.

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Today I am 29 years old and my fist experience was with a man, older than me, I think he was 40 or 45. He was very hot because he was a worker that often used to lift weights … so he had hot muscles wihout being a body builder I mean.. I was a student and I secretly find him on a site of free meeting and I went his house. Neither he nor I were open gay.. it was a secret. He was also engaged with a woman that often was out of city for work. I remember that we kissed a lot with tongue, I mean so deep french kiss.. I hugged him very passionately and squeeze his pack.. touched and feeling it con me.. then We sucked each other… and so on for 1 hour I think… at the end we come masturbating each other…we didn t fuck the first time because I was not ready but it was a so exciting experience.. he truly thrilled me… in Rome…
It’s my dream to meet him again…

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I was 12 laying in my bed and I started sliding up and down just because I was bored, but I noticed it felt REALLY good on my peepee! I got hard as a rock and noticed some liquid was coming out (precum). I went to the bathroom, laid a towel on the ground and started pumping... I could tell something was about to come out so I stood up over the toilet and shot my first load! It was a bit like jelly, but fuck did it feel SOO good! I kept going from there and haven't looked back!

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I think I was 11, maybe 10. A friend of mine was sleeping over, I was in my bed and he was on the floor next to it when he just started jacking off. So I thought 'ok I will too' lol and so I did. I had never done it before so I was just kindof learning from watching him. I've been a wrestling fan most of my life and I had posters in my room of some wrestlers that I thought were hot so I j/o'd to them. Anyway I remember it started to tingle, and with my cock being so sensitive at that age, it started to tickle. Then I came and in that moment it was like nothing I'd ever felt, it was obviously pleasureable, a little painful because of the sensitivity and ticklish all at once. I remember moaning and kindof bursting out laughing at the same time lol. My friend had to tell me to be quiet so my mum wouldn't hear. I don't think theirs a week that's gone by since then that I haven't jacked off
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I'm remember my first orgasm. i was 14 (a late bloomer) and my brother introduced me to straight porn. he was into anime so we would watch clips of free anime porn off some websites.
then one day, it was only like the 4th time my parents ever left me home alone, i started looking at porn, and noticed that i wanted to see more dicks then girls. so i typed "dicks" in google search and presto i was looking at gay porn. I didn't jack off then, but i could feel my dick getting hard in my shorts. so i closed the window and went upstairs into my room. i pulled my pants down and popped a squat. i started playing with myself, and i freaked out and screamed with pleasure as i shot my first load all over my face, legs and my carpet. the stain never came out of the carpet, and to this day my mom thinks its a stain from whiteout.

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I was about 13. I'd wanked my cock a few times before, but not long enough to cum. I managed to get a porn mag and was wanking over this chick with ankle socks on. I remember having the urge to keep wanking. I wasn't fully prepared for it, when I was ready to cum and shot it all over my stomach. The feeling was so intense that I must have wanked about 4-5 times the next day.

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Like most of you i was about 12/13 & just through rubbing & playing with it, i too was shocked by what happened the first time.
My first REAL orgasm was due to a friend i had known at school who i met in town one day we would be 16 (Yeh i know, late) he said he was off to see his mate who i also knew and invited me along.
When we got there the guy was out but his dad answered the door & he only had a vest & shorts on but even then i new a hot guy when i saw one & i was mesmorised by the bulge in his shorts. he asked us to come in & wait for his son so, we did.
we sat & chatted the dad sat next to me (i will never forget his smell, lovely)
& he must have sensed something but he asked my mate if he would nip out for some juice for us all and so he did.
When the dad came back in to the room he must have seen me staring at his crotch, he said you want to see more? and lobbed the biggest cock i had ever seen out in front of me. Well all i will say is the next 10 mins were extacy and he spent a lot of time on my cock & balls but i kept holding back as i was scared of the mess i made when i come he told me to let go of it as he wanted to see it, so i did, i just came & came but i was shaking with pleasure i have never experienced such an orgasm quite the same since.

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I was in the shower at 11 and my hand ran across the tip of my penis. That had a tingly feel to it, so I did it again. I took the palm of my right hand and kept rubbing across only the tip until I had a dry orgasm. Had no idea what it was, only it was a 'feel good' feeling. Repeated this occasionally in bed and in the shower.
In 6th grade, I finally figured out the 'jack off' hand gesture people did had something to do with what I was doing, so I tried that when I got home and found that was way better than doing it the other way.
Finally started shooting cum the summer I turned 14 after I got some pubes and realized that would complicate where/when I could jack off. Finally made the connection that this was what happened during sex to cause pregnancy.
This was all 1979-1982 and detailed info on sex was not nearly as available as today. I knew what was taught in 6th grade sex ed and whatever books about it I snuck looks at in the school library. Now you can just go to wikipedia and read everything you would ever want to know. I guess 11 year olds know about basically everything today.

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I truly realized and accepted that I was gay about seven years ago  But, thinking back, I definitely fantasized about [being] intimate with girls as a child and teenager. A little over two years ago, I was on a fifth date with my now-fiancé. We were fooling around on her bed when we both paused, and I said, ‘Are we doing this?’ She got up to close the window blinds, and I remember being nervous.

“The overall experience consisted of us taking turns going down on each other. At the time, I thought that was what lesbian sex was ‘supposed’ to be. She gave me oral first, and I enjoyed it, but being close to her in that way felt even more exhilarating than the sex itself. When it was my turn, I remember being between her legs thinking, ‘This is it! This is when I know if I truly am gay!’ Since that first time, I have learned that I like being the ‘top,’ if you want to call it that.

“As far as sex goes, I think there is both more work for a same-sex relationship but also more reward. By work, I mean figuring out what each person likes and dislikes, which toys we enjoy, what we feel comfortable with. It’s not as simple as dick and vagina. I’m not saying straight people don’t have those conversations, but in a same-sex relationship, we’re pushed to do it earlier on in the relationship. The reward is having more communication and comfort with each others’ bodies and needs and wants

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I was about 13 and the other boy was 11. He had already gone through puberty as far as hair, while I had no hair, but my cock was full grown. We used to fool around, touching each other, slightly jacking each other, humping each other for several months or longer, and he had mentioned wanting to put mine in his mouth. I never would let him - felt sinful, LOL - but finally one day I did. He sucked, and damn it felt sooooo good, and it kept feeling even better, and then it felt fantastic, and I was like I need to go pee, and he spit out my load all over me, and said, you already did. Needless to say, we never did fool around again, although he moved out my neighborhood shortly after that. What memories.
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I was about 12-13 at the time and sitting on the toilet in our bathroom. I was rock hard and started to stroke it. Before I knew what was happening, this warm, white stuff shot out of my dick. I didn't know what to think, other than I wondered if I had broken anything. I cleaned up and left the bathroom (likely with a major look of guilt on my face) to join my family for dinner. I was sooooo worried that I had done something bad to myself, and I spent the night absolutely nervous about it (I even thought if I should ask my parents if I needed to see a doctor). The next day, I awoke feeling fine, and got another boner. Pretty soon, I discovered how great this was.... never looked back since then. LD
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