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What is CFNM???????
CFNM stands for "Clothed Female, Naked Male." It is a type of sexual fetish or dynamic in which one or more females remain dressed while one or more males are naked. This can involve various activities, such as exhibitionism, humiliation, and dominance/submission. It is important to note that all sexual activities should be consensual and safe for all parties involved!
Muscle baker
He arrived at my door dazed, upset and in need of release holding what looked like cookie dough in a bag. Came I come in and let's just bake these. I sat back while he thumbed his way through the kitchen. I didn't ask any questions, just watched him read his body language, he was escaping something or someone, guess I was the last resort.

We sat down at the couch, handed him the remote but it dropped in crotch like a slip of the tongue and something freudian. He just kept my hand there for a bit, looked at it, looked at me and his bulge just began to grow, so did his grin. He found my bulge at the exact moment and gripped it gently. So are we going to just sit here in this empty house and bake or do you wanna try it out? I undid his shorts as he unzipped my pants, caressing his long fingers until he pulled it out like a treasure map and gripped it, pre cum glistening and already hard. I pulled his underwear down as i removed his shorts. We just sat there, bottomless, cocks sticking straight up.

Rather than just move into a blow job, we both got naked and 69'd on the couch. He eased upward with his back and my tongue found his tight warm hole, waiting for me. I felt his mouth wrapped around the head of my cock, gulping it, moaning as he took mouthfuls of it, coming up for air and going deeper with each moan until he found the balls resting there, waiting for attention.

I proceeded to eat his hole like it was an hour long feast and thrusting open those nerves inside with my tongue. You like how I eat your hole? He pulled my cock from his mouth and help onto it as the pressure filled his face, "yes eat my warm hole, make me cum with you."

His ass needed a finger or two and in between sucking his cock and eating his warm hole, i'd finger him ever so slightly, He'd let out this long moan and thrust a bit as I fingered him deeply. His cock was oozing all over my chest, pre cumming, sticky yet sweet. We 69 for what seemed like a long time. Just this endless tidal wave of moaning, slurping, sucking, moving onto our backs and then our sides.

Finally he turned around to face me and just grinned. He bent down as we kissed and quickly moved to my ear, "i want to ride this big cock i've been sucking on and you've been getting my ass wet, so it's only fair we help eachother out." I grinned and watched in ectasy as he got on top of my cock, taking in a bit a first, until finally he was bouncing up and down on my lap like a pro.

He rode my lap fast and then slowly as I thrusted inside him, he'd meet these thrusts by grinding with me into my cock with his ass. We did this for a while longer until he began grinding together deeper and more intensely. He put his hands on my chest as i placed mine around his waist. You wanna come together and with that utterance, he moaned long and met me with a deep kiss causing both of us to climax together. I shot a huge load inside his ass that dripped out onto my legs and he shot all over my chest.

Oddly the cookies never burned and we had a post sex snack.
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