7 Tips to Make Your Sex Life Last Longer!

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We should all know that premature ejaculation is due to over-sensitivity, so how do you know if your glans is very sensitive leading to some premature ejaculation?

Here are three ways to test the sensitivity of the glans👇👇

1.Lightly Pinch the Glans Method

In the state of penis weakness, turn over the foreskin, with hands lightly pinch the glans, highlight, lightly pinch!

At this time, you can summon your girlfriend to help you, if you feel itchy unbearable and want to hide away, it means your glans sensitivity is high, if you feel just a slight itch, you can endure it, it means your sensitivity is normal.

2. Look at the Smoothness and Fullness of the Glans Surface

When the penis is weak.

① the surface has many tiny folds, the glans sensitivity is normal.

② No folds on the surface and smooth and full, it means that the glans is very sensitive.

After full erection of the penis.

③ glans with a few folds and a solid glans, indicating that you have had a very rich experience in real combat and the glans has been desensitized.

(iv) The glans is full and firm and has a smooth surface, which means that the glans is highly sensitive.

The high sensitivity of the glans also has some relationship with the sexual life experience less, experience more it will be used to, not sensitive, so singles should not be sad.

The same thing, sex life may be late, but not less.

3. Glans Sensitive Nerve Measuring Instrument

This is a professional equipment, general hospital urology or male department will be equipped with this equipment, if you need to go to the regular hospital for testing.

This instrument is the use of micro-vibration stimulation probe on the penis glans area of biological vibration sensory threshold measurement, to evaluate the sensitivity of the penis and other parts of the nerve, to evaluate the nerve conduction function and the central nervous regulation of sexual excitement.

So now we're going back to the topic, how to improve glans sensitivity to make your sex life last longer?

1. Open the Foreskin

Foreskin is too long will affect the sensitivity of the glans, so you can choose foreskin surgery, a one-time solution. Expose the glans to reduce sensitivity.

2. Sleep Naked

Of course, going to bed at night is the best time to let penis in his underwear breathe freely.

When Ding Ding is asleep, it will have an erection and will rub against the quilt and bed sheet, which is also a way to exercise the sensitivity of the glans. And sleeping naked can reduce testicular temperature and improve sperm quality. But this method is not suitable for wet dreamers.

3. Choose Loose-fitting Panties

When buying underwear, try to choose loose underwear, so that Tintin can breathe freely.

Of course you can choose not to wear it. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but after a long time the glans get used to it. But the premise of all nudity is at home, and similar behavior is not recommended if you go out.

4. Rub the Glans Frequently

Grasp the foreskin of the penis with the left hand and pull it towards the back of the penis, rub the glans with the right hand, rub the foreskin with the foreskin on the front of the glans and the back of the turtle valley by clasping the index finger and thumb into a ring.

Pay attention to the angle, you can do it by replacing both hands and changing the direction of one hand, and you can use props appropriately.

5. Distraction

During sex, talk to your partner or do some kissing, don't focus on your glans.

6. Strengthen Your Workouts

There is no need to say more about the benefits of exercise on the body, and the time of sex life is also related to the physical strength of men. More exercise to increase physical strength can also make you more durable.

Finally, I'll introduce you to a quick way to increase your endurance - the delay ring. The LEVETT delay ring doesn't require a lot of money to get it. At the same time, different shapes are attached with more functions.

Hope this helps with your question...
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