Four Love Words to Improve the Sexual Happiness of the Other Half.

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Ears are a woman's "sexy receiver", catching sweet words at any time. What kind of love words can move a woman's heart the most? The latest issue of the American "Men's Health" magazine gives the answer.


1."Stay with me and take it easy". Be extra serious when you say this, especially if you're on a skin-to-skin date for the first time, or when you meet again, or when you've had a big fight to get back together. This will convince a woman that you care about her and how she feels.

2."Your eyes really beautiful". Compliments are good, but focus on what sets her apart, like the way she pouts and squints when she smiles. The more you can make her feel special, the easier it will be to feel fulfilled. Also, compliments after sex are important. American registered sex therapist Ava Cardell said that women often don't have makeup and their hair is disheveled at this time, and they feel that they are not "dignified" enough. She'll be encouraged to hear a compliment from your partner, especially "just love you right now."

3."I hope to satisfy you." Men all want their wives to have an orgasm, but the reality often backfires. Laura Berman, PhD, a psychiatrist at Northwestern University School of Medicine in Chicago, suggests that men should think more about how to make their partners feel better during sex, and talk about it. It's a form of autosuggestion that helps improve sexual satisfaction.

4."You are the best person I have ever met". This sentence is the highest affirmation for a woman, and it is easier to move her heart than common sayings such as "you are beautiful". Also, women like "declarations of love," but saying "I love you" is far less effective than "you're the best love I've ever met." That said, it also boosts a woman's self-confidence and makes your interactions more positive.

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