Besides the Prostate, Another Sensitive Part of Men

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Lifting sensitive areas - of course "chest"
Many people associate it with women, especially many men like to focus on women's breasts (that's you).


From a physiological point of view, female breasts have a lot of fat, full and straight, mysterious and sexy. Men are very sensitive to visual stimuli and are easily attracted by women's body shape

From an evolutionary point of view, because the traditional men left by the ancestors have a primitive need to inherit the lineage, when a man sees a healthy and mature female body. Attention will also be attracted unconsciously, which is instinct- The official manager of .

Conversely, in a relationship, a woman's breasts respond when a man is interested in a man. When the two kiss or engage in intimacy, a man's breasts can also be aroused by a man's caressing of the breasts.

A study conducted by the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom found that 82% of women will have sexual passion due to breast stimulation. When two people kiss or have intimate behavior, men's caressing of breasts will also make women excited. (Breasts are like a medium that brings the relationship between partners closer)

Coincidentally, in intimate relationships, the role of male breasts is no less than that of females, and nipples are the key button for starting the car. The rich nerves on male nipples have become this unique key condition.

Swedish researchers are mapping the various nerve cells that route messages during periods of depression

It has been discovered that a nerve contained in the nipple is associated with the hair follicle, and when activated, it communicates with the small muscles around the hair, causing them to stand up and produce goose bumps.

Therefore, when most men applaud for love, if they are touched by their partner, they will also unlock a different feeling. With the homeopathic take-off of the penis, a series of chain reactions are triggered.

Although everyone feels different, but it does help stimulate libido. Since stimulating the nipple will produce pleasure. So in the event of excessive friction, be sure to do a good job of protection! ...

There has been such a "blood tragedy": when an athlete is doing an "internationally famous sport", the "bleeding" is caused by excessive friction. Of course, daily exercise will not cause a massacre, and there may be Opportunity to develop and become a perfect pectoral muscle - also a kind of man's sexy~

At End:
Whether female or male, each body part has its own uniqueness.

We can learn to take advantage of its emotional and desire-enhancing role in relationships, while also protecting its existence.

Men's breasts are not just decorations, they can also get sick. Just like women, they should give more care to their breasts.


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