How to Tell What Kind of Sex Style You Like by Color?

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First, choose your favorite from the following 12 colors:



The test results are analyzed below.


Test Results:

1. Purple: you like to have sex while showering

The wildness of the wet is what excites you the most, and in your perception it feels a little dirty, so the feeling of being able to wash off while doing it is your favorite preference.

2. Yellow: You like to release your pleasure completely with a cry

For you the sound of sex is the part that excites you the most, so you like to vocalize the pleasure you feel, and you like to be heard, just thinking about it can get you excited.

3. Red: You love to use your mouth to make each other comfortable

Compared with the direct contact with the key parts, the way of using each other's mouth and helping each other's mouth can make you feel more excited, and the sensory stimulation of lips and tongue will excite you like a happy party.

4. Blue: The feeling of walking through the back door makes you addicted

You are adventurous by nature, and your favorite sex position is from the back, and the feeling of close contact with the butt will make you addicted after trying it once, and the traditional position will no longer satisfy you.

5. Green: don't like the fixed sex pattern

You have a big personality and love freshness. What you like most is casual, so usually you don’t stubbornly think that you must use which kind of sex every time. Instead, you can develop it more naturally and according to your heart. Lots of random ways.

6. Black: You like being treated roughly

The gentle way of sex makes you not feel it, but it is the feeling of various scratching and melee fighting, so that you, like a beast, can feel the pleasure of sex.

7. White: You like the feeling of being bound by Gray or all kinds of role-playing

You have the courage to try hard sex, whether it is role-playing or Gray-style SM binding, it will make you excited physically and mentally, and the whip and chain will make you feel the stimulation of the senses.

8. Pink: You like to have a romantic atmosphere when you have sex

You like gentle touches and hugs, and often when you're immersed in a romantic atmosphere, it makes you want to have sex, and you think sex should be sweet and warm.

9. Aqua Blue: Your favorite sex dynamo to have sex in public

Taking the risk of being discovered is the state that excites you the most, the kind of mental state where you are worried that someone will see you while doing it, and you can feel the pleasure of sex from the bottom of your heart.

10. Grey: You don't like regular partners

You, who love freedom, don't like the feeling of being bound by a single-sex partnership, so you always take sex as a leisure activity, and find someone who is free to liberate it when you feel it.

11. Mango yellow: you like to have sex when you wake up in the morning

Sex when you wake up early in the morning excites you more than sex when you turn off the lights at night. Watching the other party is teased by you from sleepy eyes to excited expressions can also make you feel good.

12. Grass green: you love 3P

Only in the way of interaction between two people can't satisfy your naughty heart. If you like the way of 3P or multi-P, you can feel the feeling of being cared for and served. Previous: Have you ever seen (or peeped) someone else's experience?




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