LEVETT App - Beginner's Guide

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1.Who is LEVETT and What is Levett App

who is LEVETT 

Decoding your body secret! Let's Explore loVe and Enjoy Toys Together! This is LEVETT.
LEVETT design for pleasure seekers, is made to free your body and soul. The vivacious curves will provide extensive elasticity and the dynamic power will energize your body.

what is levett app

levett app is an app software designed by LEVETT company to help young couples add interest to their life.

Main functions: close control, long distance control, send messages, video calls, sync music, remote sex, sync control, create/share mode, etc. More functions are waiting for you to discover!

Here are the relevant screenshots👆👆

2.  Follow the Directions on the Back of the Package to Use the LEVETT app

Under normal circumstances, LEVETT products with related app control functions are provided with relevant usage instructions at the back of the packaging box like this👇👇

App download, scan this QR code, you can download levett app.

step1. scan this QR code, you can download levett app

step2. Bind the current device, scan this QR code, you can add your sweetheart to the levett app

step3. Discover Your Happiness!!

3. Download in the app center

Don't worry if your toys packaging has already been placed elsewhere,The steps below contain what you want

Android users need search levett in apkpure

Iphone users need search levett in app store
2.After the download is complete, click on the LEVETT app
The interface after entering is as follows

4.How Should New Users Bind Devices and Use

1.Users who register for the first time need to click the red circle in the icon to register, and users who have already registered can log in directly.

2.Fill in the relevant information to register, please note that the ID inside is the mobile phone number information, usually you need to fill in +**/** (** is your country code, normally is 1-3 digits)

3.Click to get pin
If you have not received the verification code, you can directly watch the stand-alone mode at the bottom of the page, or contact us


4.Enroll successfully and add device now, Scan the device QR code on the back of the box

5.Click to enter to connect, note that the phone may prompt you to use Bluetooth during the connection process, at this time you need to click to agree

The device is successfully bound, enjoy it!

 5.Single Player Mode 

 In this case it is a stopgap for connectivity issues not being handled properly.


After entering the page, click the plus sign in the upper right corner to add related LEVETT devices

 You will be prompted to connect here. Under normal circumstances, you can connect successfully if you turn on Bluetooth.

 Tips: Both the levett backyard series and prostate massage series toys need to click the stick in the software and then enjoy full use.


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I lost the box and didn’t scan the qr code. Need help

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How does my partner control it through Bluetooth

June 30, 2022 at 07:03am

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