The Prostate Massage Story Every Man Wants to Know!

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When it comes to the male elusive Super-O, we dig a lot.
Also, some people succeeded in getting that little dot, while others were still looking for a workaround. For me, it took me years to master what I can do with my body right now.
So, what's my prostate story?  
Indulge yourself below...


“Vanya! Well, wake up!” my wife shook my shoulder.

“What is it?” I didn’t think while awake.

 Be at home this morning.At nine or ten, Olya will bring the dishes!

- What Olya, what dishes?

“Olga Borisovna, my partner, do you know this one?” the wife said mockingly.

“Yes, I understand, I understand,” I muttered conciliatoryly.I’ll meet your Olga, meet, don’t worry like that.

My wife, Lyuda, went to work, she had to take the first shift by six in the morning.Laying down for another half an hour, I was convinced that I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep anymore.All sorts of thoughts about our life came into my head.Here, at least take the same Olga.Two days ago I spent eldest son to the army.The guy graduated from a university in our city this summer and three months later he received a summons from the military registration and enlistment office.

There is nothing to do, I have to serve.The farewell was organized at home, fortunately the apartment is a three-ruble note.Dishes, however, were not enough of their own and Olya turned to my wife for help.What-what, but we have this stuff in store for a good wedding!And today Olya will bring this dish back...

After taking a shower and having breakfast, I sat down at the computer ...

“Who else did they bring, they interrupted at the most interesting thing!” I cursed .seeing the door.Opening it, I stupidly looked at the smiling Olya.How could I forget about her coming!It was impossible to take my eyes off her, how unusual she was.Sometimes going to my wife on work, I saw Olga in some kind of sweater or antediluvian blouse. 

Now she looked like a Christmas tree! I have never seen this woman so bright! the same scarlet, like a jacket, blouse. The skirt is just above the knees, a promising slit on the side ... The legs that are beginning to gain weight are dressed in black fishnet stockings (at that moment I wanted them to be just stockings). The shoes were stylized as a leopard!She gathered her hair into a tight knot on the crown of her head.Olya smiled invitingly at me, which made Eros jump in me.

“Hi Vanya! You are receiving guests!” the lady said with a sly smile.

 Come in! I took a heavy bag from her hands (I think with dishes). We went into the apartment and Olya looked inquiringly at her shoes and then at me.

 No, don’t take off your shoes!- I answered her dumb question.And Olya clicked her heels into the kitchen.There she took off her jacket and gave it to me.Looking at the opened picture, I was stunned.Olya put on a bust that supported her breasts only from below .The papillae, unrestrained by anything, protruded from under the thin fabric of her blouse.I looked at them fascinated…

“Well, master, are we going to count the dishes!?” Olya’s voice brought me to my senses.

“Yes, why count it,” I somehow squeezed out a few words.


The woman leaned over to the bag to take the dishes out of it.At that moment, her chest sagged down so openly that I almost finished (just kidding, of course).Having made several such inclinations towards the bag, Olya took all the dishes out of it.Now we stood and were silent.I understood that I needed to say something to Olga, how to develop the situation.Probably, she thought so too ... But we continued to be silent.

“I’ll going, Vanya, what’s the use of wasting time,” Olya said softly.

"Uh-huh," was all I could get out...

Standing at the open door, I desperately watched the woman leaving.

“Delay her, bring her back!There may not be a second chance like this!” I said to myself in my mind.But my voice did not sound and Olya entered the elevator.

“That’s it,” I thought doomedly, I left.Here you are, indecisive fool.Suddenly, Olya’s head looked out of the elevator and a question was asked.

 Vanya!Are you alone at home!?

I vigorously nodded my head in agreement, for my voice let me down ...

Olya slowly moved in my direction.Coming up to me, she silently pushed me into the apartment.Entering the corridor, she put the bag on the floor.Then she turned to me and lifted the edge of my T-shirt, put her hands on my bare stomach.It was like I was scalded with boiling water … The woman’s hands moved slowly over my stomach.Her sharp claws dug into my skin.Slightly, just a little bit…But the effect was amazing!I just stopped breathing, it seemed to me.Hot dry palms slowly rose higher and higher.And then her fingers lay down on my nipples.Olya twisted her nipples a little, as if they were controls for something, volume, for example.But, however, these were controls, only not volume, but my ecstasy.The longer Olya twisted these "regulators", I got better !

“Vanya!Kiss me!” The voice of my partner brought me to my senses.I readily responded to her request…

Olya was tense, her lips were hard and dry.But this was only at the very beginning of the kiss.My hands squeezed the woman's ass.I lifted her skirt millimeter by millimeter.And then myo's fingers felt the skin of the buttocks.

“So it’s stockings, not pantyhose after all,” a ridiculous thought flashed through my mind.But not so ridiculous! I love women’s legs in stockings! It’s in stockings, not in pantyhose!

Five minutes later, Olya was left only in panties, stockings and shoes.I was evaluating her body.

“What, have you gone crazy!?,” my lady asked jokingly.

“Nothing like that!” I protested.

“Yes, yes, yes, I know myself.What is there!…

I slowly pulled her panties on Olya’s hips with my teeth.I had to intercept them with my teeth more than once in order to remove them evenly from all sides.I reached it to my knees, and then I didn’t have enough patience, I helped with my hands.Looking at my nymph from the bottom up, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Olya’s pubis is shaved.I don’t know, for the sake of this day, or she always has it like that ... Olya understood me and answered that if you don’t shave, then it’s problematic to find anything there, her hair is so thick and long ... I looked at her fascinated plump labia. I love this sight, although it happens infrequently. Few women shave ...

I pushed Olya to the bed and laid her on her back.Taking her shin in my hands, I kissed and kissed, getting higher and higher... Now the knees were kissed, now the rather powerful middle part of the thigh was left behind... And here is one of my favorite places: stocking elastic! Turns on!And the very texture of the fabric is pleasant, and especially the realization that the artifact you longed for is very close by!!! And now my lips felt this “artifact”! I kissed her plump labia again and again.Olya moaned softly, very quietly…

“It’s time to work with the tongue,” I decided and put it into motion.At first, I just lapped it on the surfaces.Then, parting the labia, I ran the tongue not all the way into her pussy.Worked like a member of it… Back and forth, back and forth ...And so many times.Olya's moans became noticeably louder... It was the turn of the clitoris.I saved it for the "last assault".

The clitoris was much larger than that of Lyuda, my wife.And not only larger, but also much more sensual! Already two or three minutes after they met (I mean my tongue and her clitoris), Olya began to shake.I knew well what it was connected with!Orgasm!An orgasm is coming!My lady started to cry.

 This was still not enough!God forbid, the neighbors at home!I quickly covered her mouth with my palm.And then something happened that I did not expect.Olya bit me on the palm!Bit hard!Unbleeded,but palpable!Apparently she let me know that it was not necessary interfere with her enjoyment!Needs!

I worked with my tongue for more than an hour.My face was sticky and slippery, thanks to the juices of Olya's pussy!Drying, the mucus tightened the skin of my face.Class!How many orgasms there were… I didn’t even count.But there were…

My overexcited "fighter" reminded me of my existence.I constantly hooked him to the edge of the bed, then to my partner's leg... It's time to bring him a "sacrifice".He is thirsty for blood!... He entered Olya's pussy easily.It was bleeding with juices...


“What!Who!” Olga started up.

I panicked myself!The call was repeated and I felt relieved...The phone on the nightstand next to the bed rang.After the third ring, Olga grabbed the phone and almost spoke!I pulled the phone out of her hands and, putting it to my ear, heard a voice wives.

“Vanya!Olya brought the dishes?” Luda asked.

 Yes, I did.

- Long time gone.

“Yes, it’s been more than an hour!

Olga looked at her watch and her eyes widened... Half past one... And she has to go to work by twelve!

“Didn’t you call her? You didn’t call her at home!

- Called!Does not pick up the phone!

“Why doesn’t she pick up the phone!” I sneered aloud.Olga choked with laughter, listening to our conversation.Fortunately, our receiver is loud, you can hear it well!

Vanya!I can’t call her all the time,” my wife said.Either you call, or go home to her.What’s wrong with her, maybe she’s sick!?

“Okay,” I promised.

- Do you have AON in the kindergarten, - I asked Olya.

- What? she asked again.

- Well, the determinant of telephone numbers!

Olga smiled contemptuously in response.Understood everything!Three minutes later he dialed the number of his wife's kindergarten and handed the phone to his lady.

“Speak to her as if from home, tell her that I got through.You felt sick and went outside to breathe!

“Lyuda,” Olga said into the phone, I’m sick, please work for me on my shift, please!

“Well, well,” the wife replied.How do you feel now?

“Now I feel better,” Olya reassured her friend.I think it will get even better soon!.Olya smiled at me.

For another half hour we brought joy to each other.To the joy that the storm rushed past, Olya decided on an extravagant move.

“Vanya, how do you feel about anal sex?” my temptress asked cautiously.

My heart skipped a beat, and then it sank!

- I somehow hinted at my husband, so he called me a prostitute! But you know, at the moment when he called me a slut, I felt like in seventh heaven! I must be a pervert if I get high from such epithets!?

- Well, why immediately a pervert!Many women are crazy about this!

“Wan! Was it like this with your wife?” Olya asked quietly.

- How was it? - I did not understand

“Well, you got her in the ass…” the woman said through force, blushing deeply.

“Of course!And more than once!” I cheerfully lied.

“Come with me... and me too!” Olga whispered with fervor, “there will be something to remember!

 Oh!And the grandchildren will have something to tell!-I added sarcastically.

“Oh, you…” the lady was pictorially offended and slapped my lips with her fingers.

Theoretically, I was savvy, so with the air of a connoisseur I took out a cream from the bedside table and showed it to Olya a lot.

 Ahh, I understand!

Squeezing a little cream from the tube onto his fingers, he smeared the crimson head of the penis and its shaft.

“Ready!” reported!The bed reacted by me.

_What, you won’t help me! - my nymph asked slyly.

“With pleasure!” I blurted out and enthusiastically began to rub the cream into her crotch.Olya closed her eyes…

…She sat down on the penis with great care, not knowing what to expect from this.Having loaded it halfway, she paused, apparently listening to her feelings.Then she sat down “for the whole”.She sat for a minute without moving.She was silent... I looked at her from below and didn’t recognize Olga!She became somehow different…What she felt at that moment I don’t know.

Her movements accelerated and accelerated ... And now Olya jumped on me with a frenzy.The bed immediately reacted, unpleasantly creaking.

- It's strange, why didn't you creak before that? - I was perplexed. - What if Ruslan or Anya (neighbors from below) are at home? ...

- Well, okay! Let them listen.Maybe I'm fucking my wife!

I finished Olya in the ass.There was still no such liquid in her ass!Olya got off the penis and I saw her gaping, enlarged hole!How fascinated I watched how my sperm flowed out of Olya, falling partially on my leg, and mostly on the bed!Damn it!…

Olya left an hour later, having previously removed the traces of her stay in the apartment.She removed the wet sheet from the bed, washed it and advised me to dry it with an iron.Then she carefully washed the stains on the bed.

“Also dry it with a warm iron,” she advised, but look, do not melt the fabric!Synthetics all the same ...

About ten minutes after she left, the phone rang.


“Vanya, you know, I can’t find my panties! Haven’t I forgotten them at your place!?”

“You know, you can’t see it,” I replied, looking at the lace on Olya’s panties, which she had forgotten in a hurry ...

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