Fifty Reasons to Spank Your Wife or Girlfriend

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The post is aimed at the gentlemen out there. In particular, I’d like to direct my comments to the reluctant spankers. You know who you are. Your partner expressed an interest in being spanked, but she’s having a difficult time convincing you to do it. Your concerns – chivalry, lack of comprehension, potential impact on your relationship, or a desire to protect her – are quite understandable. Her request was unexpected and you probably weren’t prepared to answer the question at the moment she posed it.

Let’s take a big step back and look again at the subject from a slightly different vantage point. I can offer you fifty reasons why you might want to take her across your lap and indulge her dreams.

The lovemaking afterward is often sensational

Romantic spanking opens lines of communications

There’s a community of spankos to provide support and advice

Adult spanking is the most common of all kinks

It can strengthen your relationship

Just picture those beautiful globes over your lap...

She's eager for this, really!

Compared to childbirth, the pain of a spanking is trivial

This is not punishment, think instead about spanking as foreplay

Spanking builds trust between partners

It's really OK to hit a woman, but only if she enjoys it

This isn't weird or unusual, it's just another kind of sex

You can be the strong, decisive man of her fantasies

What's not to like?

Do the initials B. J. hold any significance?

Many couples include erotic spanking in their lovemaking

Her dream can be your pleasure

It's something fun you can do together

You could make it a game

Spankings can relax her

If you don’t believe me, ask any other dedicated spanko

Role play spankings are great fun

If something doesn’t work, you don’t have to repeat it

It isn’t about the pain, it’s about a shared experience

This opens an exciting new chapter in your relationship

Spankings promote greater physical and emotional intimacy

Your willingness to try demonstrates your love for her

It's wonderful to feel completely in love again

With a safeword, she can tell you before things go truly wrong

She's your lover - It's OK if your fingers wander southward

The process of experimentation allows a couple to grow together

It’s with you she wants to share this secret

Spankings don’t have to be serious – You can laugh and joke

Most women’s bottoms are well padded - real damage is unlikely

Consensual spanking is not abuse

Spanking is a huge turn-on for her – That can only be good for you!

She won’t think that you’re mean if you’re doing as she asked

You could get her to dress up for her spanking

With a few simple rules, adult spankings are safe and fun

Women are tougher than you think

You can be her hero!

You'll love how her skin grows warm and pink

Hugs and kisses

It’s wonderful to spoon after a spanking

Make her smile – tease her about future spankings

You can start small and simple

She'll adore you all the more for listening to her needs

Haven't you always wanted to threaten to "tan her hide?"

It’s fun to collect and test various spanking implements

If she didn't agree, she wouldn't have shown you this list!

Do you see what I mean? Adult spanking is hot stuff!

If you're ready to learn more, you might want to read a couple of brief tutorials such as Your First Spanking or Ten Newbie Spanko Suggestions. If you communicate with one another and follow a few simple rules, spanking your wife or girlfriend can be safe, fun, and fulfilling.


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