7 Tips to Help Improve the Quality of Your Sex Life ( Collection Recommended )

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Do you want to improve the quality of sex?

It can be improved if you get a new twist and change your sexfoil. Are you willing to make a small breakthrough?

15 Minutes, the Best Length of Foreplay

  15 minutes is the best time for foreplay. If the time is not up, women will not be able to mobilize the passion in their bodies, and they will not be able to play their best during sex; if the time is too long, the long-lost heat will have cooled down and wait until sex. When it happened, he had already lost his appetite.

15 minutes is the most perfect and golden time for foreplay. The two of them are just ready, and they are in a perfect state of getting into the topic.

Tips: Foreplay is not boring - in these 15 minutes, it is not just caressing, fragrant rose fragrance, sexy little speechless, and even some arrogant little instructions can happen in this period!

Best Time to Exercise Before Sex

  The best sex life exercise - the exercise that is more suitable for two people to do together before sex is very simple, after dinner, take a quick 10-minute walk in the corridor of the community, let the body sweat slightly, go home, take a shower, You can prepare for your sex, I wish you good luck!

Tips: Before sex, not only men need to exercise, but as a woman, you also need to exercise, which can increase the elasticity of the buttocks muscles, improve the tightness of the female vagina, and improve the quality of sex.

Women Have the Most Fantasies at the Moment

   At 10 pm, women are most likely to have sexual fantasies. A study by Harvard Medical School found that at around 10 o'clock in the evening, the creative cells of women's brains are most active. At this time, they are good at imagining, and most of the fantasy content is related to "sex" and "love".

Therefore, it is best for a man to go to bed before 10 and share his passion with her.

Sex Limit Per Month - 8

  "If you have sex more than 8 times sex life a month, the fatigue of the body will increase." Swiss sex experts point out. Don't format your sex, but never have sex more than 8 times a month! As a result, the body's blood circulation will slow down, and the body's energy storage will naturally decrease. Not only during sex, but even at work, there will be fatigue.

Tips: It's best to distribute sex evenly -- you can't enjoy sex all in one week, and then take a rest in the other weeks! It is best to distribute it evenly every week, 2~3 times a week is the best choice!

Don't Rush to Bed As Soon As You Meet

  It takes an average of 6 months to go from strangers to close contact. Falling in love is a process of getting to know each other and exploring each other. If you are too quick, you will not enjoy the fun of love, and if you are too slow, you will lose passion.

Psychologists have found that the average time between meeting and having sex is 6 months in successful marriages. "Six months is not a long time, and this progress can make you more harmonious emotionally and sexually," the researchers said.

Give Him/Her More Compliments

   Talking softly in your partner’s ear is also an important method of foreplay. Praise the other person’s physical advantages, what fascinates you, and even which action you like during sex, the position that makes you comfortable, etc. can speak at this time.

Tips: Everyone likes to listen to sweet words, just like a child's nameless love for candy. In fact, not only women like praise, but men are also chasing praise. So when you have sex, you might as well praise each other's advantages more, but remember that it must be sincere and practical, and remember that vague language can easily make people feel false.

Good Communication with He/her

  Most women have a bad habit, that is, they hope that their men can always clearly understand their psychological thoughts, but they don't know that there are no such people in this world, let alone a man with a big leaf? So, if you have any ideas, you might as well tell the other person directly, don't use this "you should know me" guessing game often.

Good communication is the key to a long-lasting relationship. Couples who fight are stronger than those who never fight. Why? Because every quarrel can let the other party know more about themselves, and the mutual understanding is increased invisibly. Of course, it is not to encourage everyone to quarrel. Frequent quarrels are also a reason for emotional breakdown. It is to know how to communicate, because when you think the other party will understand you, but the other party looks ignorant, it will make it even more popular. During sex, if this position makes you very uncomfortable, you should bring it up in time instead of forcing yourself.

Tips: The same is true for sexual relations. For uncomfortable/unhappy places or behaviors, be sure to bring them up in time to let them know

 Find the Sensitive Points of the He's/Her's Body

Men and women have different body sensitivities, and everyone's most sensitive places are different, so you can carefully observe each other's sensitive points during each sex with your partner. Everyone will have them. A few particularly sensitive places (chest, earlobes, thighs) can be properly caressed during foreplay, which can make the other party enter the situation faster.

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Ok, have you got the above tips?

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