No One Ever Talks to You About the Secrets of Sex Toys !

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Sexual life harmony largely affects the degree of emotional stability of couples, especially for "old married couples" is more so.

The dullness of sex is the main reason for the cooling of feelings, to have passionate sex, in fact, with the help of some special tools erotic supplies, so how to use erotic supplies to be more effective? Next let LEVETT lead you to learn more

However, in order to prevent the abuse of adult toys, it is best to follow the following principles.

Couple Relationship Transformation

1. Use of People in Need

  For example, if you are separated, widowed, disabled, or have a sexual life as a couple, you can use sex toys as a supplement to your daily sexual needs.

2. the Use of the Time of Need

  Adult products are not a necessity, if unusually frequent to take out to play with some, the body will become more and more insensitive to the degree of stimulation of the feeling, thus becoming more and more demanding stimulation. Not only is it not beneficial to the body, but the psychological situation will also arise or become more serious.

3. Get the Consent of the Other Half

To use adult products with each other as a couple, it is more important to pay attention to whether both partners have the same will. If one partner wants to use it, but the other is disgusted, or has not consulted the other, reluctant use of sex toys will only make things worse.

Like some men to buy for his wife to use, his wife may not be good to refuse, but the heart is not happy, and nonsense, will endanger the couple's feelings. Some men will think that there is nothing wrong with men using adult products, but if they find their wives or girlfriends secretly using adult products, they are often furious about it.

Expert Tips: Despite the relationship between husband and wife, how to give vent to sexual desire still belongs to the privacy of individuals. You should allow each other a certain degree of freedom, rather than forcing each other to listen to themselves.

So, when you see your wife secretly using sex toys, your husband should ultimately understand her even if he feels angry, unconfident and guilty. The two then discuss what is the situation of sexual disharmony and make appropriate adjustments. 

Only the correct use of these adult products can make the quality of sexual life between men and women to effectively improve, if used blindly, will only make the relationship between the sexes become worse, which is counterproductive.


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