How to Buy the Best Sex Toy in Hong Kong ?

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Want to try a new sex toy to have a good time? doesn't interest and faces in the bedroom contribute to a healthy sexual relationship? Yes, we think so. That's why we searched for all the coolest sex toys shops in Hong Kong.

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wanta sex toys store

Founded in 2000, Wanta has become a representative sex toy store in Hong Kong, with an online store and 2 physical stores, located in Causeway Bay & Central.

Wanta team is committed to providing a wide range of sex toys for everyone, as well as providing stock for everyone to buy in online stores and stores, becoming one of the most selective sex toy stores in Hong Kong.

We carefully select different types and high-quality products, so that every customer can buy suitable and high-quality products. In addition to sexual satisfaction, we also hope that our products can help customers improve body and mind, such as relieving stress, improving sleep quality, enhancing immunity, prolonging erection time, reducing menopausal symptoms and so on.

The above are some of the brand content excerpted from Wanta's official website

It is said that Wanta is an adult treasure trove, covering all types of adult products and toys designed for long-distance lovers, with a complete range to meet your various needs.

But from the picture, you can see that there are only some sex toys that don't look fashionable. If you want to find the latest trendy products, you can refer to our new arrivals.

2. Pink Pussy Cat(粉红猫咪)

pink pussycats toys

Pink Cat claims to be one of the largest adult shops in Hong Kong. From the popular bunny vibrator to a simulated 'love doll', here's more about Pink Pussy Cat.

About Pink PussyCat Toys

This site is operated by technoweenie, inc. an online retailer
Technoweenie is a provider of recreational products, apparel and adult novelties.

We are dedicated to finding our customers the best products available to fit their lifestyle.
We have been in business and online since 1999! Which is longer than twitter, facebook, reddit, linkedin, tumblr, fetlife and a whole bunch of other well-known websites.

We are a small company of close knit employees, and love what we do. We may not always have the lowest price on the web, but please know that when you buy from us, the money you spend goes to pay employees wages they can live on, as well as a LOCAL economy.

We do not have some lavish corporate office with a chef making lunch in a dining room, or on-site drycleaning . We are people, like you. with families, and kids, and grocery lists, and bills... so please know We truly appreciate your business very, very much.

Be assured that you are getting genuine first quality brand name products from us.
We buy through authorized distribution channels as well as directly from the manufacturers.

大众点评关于Pink Pussy Cat Store

But we visited the relevant third-party evaluation website, the page prompts The store is temporarily closed, if the store is operating normally, please revise/report an error.


love shop

Specializing in Japanese products at affordable prices. Unlike other adult stores, it covers 2,000 square feet and is decorated with dolls in the shape of adult stars. The store's products are generally more expensive.

love shop website screen

The Love Shop is a great place to find that perfect gift for that special person and also a good place to find something new for yourself. We have been in business for over 20 years and are good at finding unique items. 

The above are all from the official Loveshop website; through the third-party analysis website, we learned that Loveshop's main business is mid-to-high-end sex toys, so the price will be higher than the same period last year. While the company is committed to improving the quality of national life, it also takes the responsibility of spreading positive and healthy two cultures. , has received attention from many aspects, and has won unanimous praise from many franchisees and consumers.

 4.Sally Coco

Sally Coco is not only a sex shop that sells sex toys such as shock eggs and airplane cups, but also an Intimate Lifestyle Store that promotes sex education.

They believe that sex education promotes sexual autonomy. By talking about sex in a positive and open way, I hope that one day the topic of eroticism will no longer be taboo, and the ability to talk about love at will in Hong Kong society will blossom everywhere.

Since 2011, we have been offering the world's best intimate lifestyle products to Hong Kong. Our professional team of Intimate Stylists have helped thousands to explore possibilities and pleasures in their intimate lifestyles. Visit one of our stores today!

Sally Coco website screen

  From the website, you can see that Sally Coco covers a very rich variety, from sex toys, BDSM, intimate care, LGBT+, underwear, men's clothing and even books, games, etc.

The upper left corner of the website shows that you need to purchase more than 500 Hong Kong dollars to get free shipping, only in Hong Kong; this will undoubtedly increase the difficulty for some friends who want to try new toys, but LEVETT does not have such restrictions, we provide no threshold free delivery.

Tip:The above brand information is excerpted from the official website.

However, the physical adult toy store has the problem of purchasing privacy: after purchasing, it will be inconvenient to pick up the goods or encounter strange eyes from others.Still a very embarrassing question for most people who want to buy sex toys in Hong Kong.

So, If you want a more private purchase, you can consider ours mini bullet vibrators. A variety of styles and power options are available, and they are compact and portable; at the same time, a full range of private packaging can be delivered without any trouble.



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