4 Tips to Help You Start a New Anal Sex Experience!

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Anal sex can create strong sensations, people are drawn to this pleasure. If act properly, you will get some new sources of pleasure.

1. Foreplay Caressing in the Back Court

For stimulating the backcourt, whether it is for comfort, same-sex or opposite-sex pleasure, first of all, you need to relax physically and mentally, adopt a comfortable posture, and do not enter rashly.

Whether you are a novice or a veteran, you need to use your fingers to open up the backyard battlefield.

Sally recommend using your index or middle fingers as they are long and forceful, and of course the fingers should be lubricated with saliva or lube. Press your finger at the entrance of the chrysanthemum cave and begin to soothe it gently.

You may wish to do circle movements around the hole, which will bring a warm feeling to the other party and help to relax. Then gently but firmly insert the fingers, allowing the fingertips to jiggle slightly.

2. Make Further Exploration

In addition, when two people are playing, you can also try "Rimming": tap the chrysanthemum hole with the tip of the tongue quickly.

You can also lick the hole, or suck hard as if you want to suck something out, if you can insert your tongue into the chrysanthemum hole at the same time when sucking, it will be effective better.

And the rimming person retracts his abdomen and relaxes, the hole will expand and more parts can be enjoyed, and when the chrysanthemum mouth has fully bloomed, you should try to penetrate.

3. Choose a Comfortable Body Position

 When inserting, it is best to keep the chrysanthemum elevated for easy entry. Among them, the dog-crawling pose is the lens that pops up in most people's minds when they think of entering a chrysanthemum. This posture is to raise the hips as high as possible after the insertion person is lying down, so it can maximize the opening of the chrysanthemum hole, small DD or toys. able to enter the deepest.

The side-lying and rear-entry type, that is, two people lie on the same side, the front of the inserter tightly fits the back of the inserted person, and the two people do not use force, which is relatively easy, which can prevent the insertion side from advancing too fast. At the same time, it allows him to occupy a completely dominant position, and the two are close enough to feel each other.

You can also choose the front position, that is, the person to be inserted lies down, the knees are curled in front of the chest, and the inserted side is released from top to bottom. A cushion can be placed under the pelvis for pleasure, or the feet of the person being inserted can be pushed over the head, allowing easy and deep access.

In addition, the person being inserted sits on the top, and the person being inserted is below, that person being inserted can control the angle, strength, and depth of entry. If the control is not good, you can use postural props to bear the body conformity and effectively control the rhythm of entry and exit.

 4. Raiders for the Use of Backyard Stimulation Toys

For those who have not fully developed the back court, using fingers to enter the back court for a long time will cause shoulder and arm soreness, and the small DD will be extra tight when entering the back court.

The advantage of sex toys is that it can make you more relaxed when stimulating the back court. There are more ways to stimulate, and the backyard can be developed more step by step. No matter the novice or veteran, Prostate Massager are a must-have equipment.

The bodi is a massage apparatus that massages the physical therapy prostate and prostate health. It can help you solve potential prostate problems in men. 

Well, after reading so much, are you already eager to try it out? here are some back court for your reference, which covers all sets from novice to proficient.


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