Top 5 Prostate Massage Forums in US

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  Hello,everbody. When learning about something new, people always look at what people have already bought and used, like afraidtoask as the questioner clarkson inside: "Do people really have some kind of enjoyable muscle spasm and have very long-lasting orgasm with no ejaculation? Anyone who experienced prostate massage and found it enjoyable, please tell us and describe how amazing it really is . "
It was said that prostate massage works on some people and some people do not feel a thing?
Does it feel different with or without prostate massage during masturbation?

With the above questions, we have checked more than 90 prostate massage forums and related posts. The following are high-quality forums that have passed our screening. After reading the following prostate massage forum, LEVETT think you can definitely call yourself a beginner prostate massage player.


  - This prostate massage forum for people interested in massage to discuss techniques, experiences and tutorials about massage around the world.

 Biggest Massage Oriented Forums on the Planet - | | |

  Massageplanet Claims to be the largest massage forum on earth, with articles and content covering most of the massage content, if you are not very disgusted with the pictures above, I think this is what you want

Massage Planet has about 200 employees, and their headquarters is in Canada. The massage forum has the following chat boards

General Discussions: Introduction, small talk, interesting new stuff, latest news about massage

Massage Planet:
Talk About Massage - General Massage Talk where clients and therapists can discuss anything massage related
Massage Hiring - Looking for massage attendants or Looking for a massage Job-find here
Massage Tools - We have grown with the industry and found we need a forum just for products on the market,places to find them and discussions regarding these items.Please be aware that discussing products or companies should be done with respect and an offer of positive knowledge for all board members.

Massage Therapies Techniques - It includes a variety of massage techniques and related techniques. For example: Thai massage, ancient Chinese traditional Chinese massage, hot stone massage, etc.

World Massage Reviews
It contains massage reviews from all over the world, you can find what you wan. If you have more needs, maybe you can take a look in here.

 2. Thebiohacker

  - Male comprehensive forum with 66W traffic prostate massage forums

  The forum is mainly about men's health, safety and health are the main considerations before using various sex toys, like levett's toy care advice, so I think this one would be great for you

The following is the description of Thebiohacker official website:

Sexual Improvement for Men
We feed your brain with information curated from world’s most trusted biohacker and longevity experts This may explain why they are so popular.

This is Forum list from thebiohacker

PE FORUMS - mainly for male penis enhancement and physical exercise related content.
BODY & MIND IMPROVEMENT FORUMS - Mind and Body Improvement and Body Management.
OTHER FORUMS - Relationships, a woman's perspective (female sexuality, orgasm, size preference and other bedroom skills), this might be interesting.


  -a sexually explicit retrospective of the work of auto-fellatio/self-suck artist al eingang is designed and intended for people who are at least 18 years old, who are interested in and wish to have access to visual images, verbal description of a sexually oriented, erotic nature.  The materials which are available within these webpages may include links to graphic visual depictions and descriptions of nudity and sexual activity and should NOT be accessed by anyone who is younger than 18 years old or who does not wish to be exposed to such materials. The above is text from Solosuck Prostate Massage Forums.

 This is urbanictionary for solosuck text explanation.

The ability of a man that can suck his own cock. Typically this involves vast flexibility and/or a long cock.
Guy1 I finally was able to solosuck!
Guy2 Did you cum in your mouth?
Guy1 No. This was the first time!
I was able to solosuck and I got cramps and I have never been able to do it since.🤣

Solosuck Prostate Massage Forums! - Index Page Boys Toys

 If you want, there are also some forums about Personals/contacts and Video Chat dates. I think it's a great choice for most men. You may open it silently on a lonely night. If there is no suitable choice, 👉Electro Prostate Massager👈 can help you release your hands better.

4. Aneros

  - Aneros is Kegel Exercise, a US-made prostate massager that induces intense orgasms. 

 The following is the introduction of Aneros company to itself:

Since 2000, Aneros Corporation has been dedicated to providing our clients with unique, effective sexual aids to promote health and happiness, led by our patented line of hands-free Aneros prostate stimulators. As the company that created the market for male G-spot stimulators, we have gained a solid understanding of male anatomy through years of research and development. result? We design and manufacture the safest and most pleasing prostate stimulators available today. (This is not agreed by most people, because that there are always strong and powerful new challengers coming out, such as LEVETT)

Every curve, every angle of every model contributes to the precise anatomical design that makes a compelling and remarkable experience like Super-O possible. The hands-free design means you can enjoy these unique pleasures with products that work in harmony with your body's own movements.

Aneros wasn't always a sex toy company, they used to be a medical supply company. This means all of their products are medical grade. I feel like their experience in the medical field and making silicone and plastic devices for hospital environments has translated into a solid understanding of human biology and how to make toys that last. (This is a real thing, just like LEVETT, we have been in the field of sex toys for 12 years, and we have a very unique understanding and understanding of prostate massage toys)

In fact, Aneros doesn't have a discussion area specifically for prostate massage, it's just a general discussion on men's products, but it's still a good option for beginners, if you don't find what you want in it, Maybe you can check out our prostate usage guide here to learn more.


  - the worlds 1st & largest massage parlor review site

   The World's No. 1 and Largest Massage Parlour Review Site, following are MrPornGeek's review of mpreviews

MPReviews is the place to go if you want a massage ( I presume a naughty massage with a happy ending otherwise I have no fucking clue why this site came across my desk), but you want to read some reviews about the massage parlor first. MPReviews has over 100,000 massage parlors listed on it, and so you can find the best massage parlor in your area right here. Or can you? Is MPReviews any good at all? Well, we better review this fucker and find out, hadn’t we dear reader?

Being a guest on MPReviews
Right, I am a guest on MPReviews, I haven’t made an account on this massage parlor site as I am not in America and MPReviews seemingly only serves America. So as a guest on this massage site I can see fuck all! All I can see is info about MPReviews and what it does.

They are calling for more members to review massage parlors and really trying to get people to sign up for VIP access to this massage parlor review site. However, I cannot see any reviews, photos or anything that may help me choose a massage parlor for my next happy ending.

Becoming a member of MPReviews
You can become a free member of MPReviews. I believe this gives you the right to review massage parlors and stuff, but you are still restricted to what you can do on MPReviews.

For complete access to MPReviews, you need a VIP membership. VIP memberships to MPReviews cost $18.95 a month! That is a shocking amount of money! How much are you spending on massages a month that nearly $20 for a membership to a massage parlor review site seems like a good deal?

How on earth can MPReviews charge that much for a membership? That is probably why hardly any of the 100,000 massage parlors on their site has a review! Oh, that and the whole design and style of MPReviews sucks the biggest dick ever!

MrPornGeek’s final thoughts on MPReviews
I honestly thought that MPReviews was fucking useless from the start. I mean, it seems that any massage parlor can feature on this site as it doesn’t actually say these are happy ending massage parlors although it is implied.

So, why would we pay MPReviews for information that we can get for free elsewhere?

There are tons of sites like MPReviews that do not charge for these services. Instead, they charge massage parlous a bit of money to advertise on their site! Why the fuck should we pay MPReviews nearly $20 a month to join a site that isn’t that helpful because no one else has joined the site? Most of the massage parlors on this site are baron in terms of reviews.

If you're looking for a prostate massage shop in the US I think it would be a good option to check MPReviews before checking out, this will give you more of an event with a good return on spend.

 The above is LEVETT's review of Top 5 Prostate Massage Forums in the United States. If you need to know more about prostate massage related blogs, LEVETT may be able to help you learn more, prostate massager, we are professional.


Do you have more questions to ask? Let us know🤟










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