External Prostate Massage - How to Stimulate Prostate from External ?

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  Regardless of the potential health benefits, the incredible orgasms that may come through prostate stimulation, some men just don't want to lay things on their daisies. That's okay! LEVETT can help you unlock your body's code!

What is Prostate Massage?

Prostate massage is an auxiliary massage technique performed by massaging the prostate gland to achieve a sludge/unprecedented violent orgasm of prostate fluid, improve local blood circulation, and promote the absorption and  remission of inflammation in the prostate gland.

External Prostate Massage?

As you might expect, external prostate massage (outdoor prostate massage) is the act of stimulating the prostate without inserting anything into the posterior chamber. To do this, we need to perform some very targeted massage on the perineum area of the body.

Perineum - the External Area of the Prostate


The perineum is firmer near the front of the penile bulb, which is the inner end of the shaft. The dorsum feels softer and more fleshy. This is the area you need to aim for. You may not really feel the gland, but touching it may cause the sensation of needing to urinate.


To put it simply
The perineum is this area just below your testicles and midway between your anus, when you when you hold your testicles in your hand and pull them towards your abdomen you will see it down there. For us, in this case, you will find it easier to locate it when you get yourself in a squatting or kneeling position.

Find the Right Location

It sounds simple, but it is often difficult to figure out if you are massaging the right areas. Massaging the prostate requires a lot of pressure and precision in the key areas, and if you don't find the right spot, the end result may be greatly diminished. Fortunately, our bodies have a simple response to this and it will let us know that we have found the prostate - most men will suddenly have the sensation of urinating.

During a prostate massage, we do not ejaculate, but the gland may release a large amount of prostate fluid. This fluid builds up in the prostate and is usually mixed with your semen to protect it from entering the woman's body. Because this fluid goes into the penis and urethra, our bodies often misinterpret it as urine, making you think you need to pee when in fact you don't need to go to the bathroom!

The need to urinate is a sensation usually associated with prostate irritation. Most of the time, our prostate will be in a resting position so that urine can flow from the bladder to the urethra when needed. When our tadpole leaves our body, it clenches and closes these ducts, allowing the semen to leave the body comfortably .

How to Perform External Massage on the Prostate?

Once you have determined the correct position of the perineum, you are ready to begin the long awaited external prostate massage.

If you find yourself struggling, you may want to look into some massage techniques. These do not have to be prostate massage techniques. Any exercise used to stimulate other parts of the body can be used on the perineum!

We can't give tons of specific advice because everyone likes different things. Some people prefer gentle touches, while others prefer firmer, faster movements. Try it out and see what works for you!

One thing we can tell you is that when massaging your prostate be sure to wash your hands first to avoid infection. Ideally you should do this after you have had a shower. Also try not to be too rough during the massage. The prostate is a very sensitive gland and if you are too rough you may find that it becomes sensitive, tired and even injured. Starting with gentle movements and gradually adding extra pressure might be a good option.

On the other hand, the fingers also have to have a certain direction when massaging, you should massage the left and right sides first, from the outer top towards the inner bottom in order to massage each side at least 3~5 times; then squeeze along the center of the prostate from top to bottom. The actual fact is that you will get an unimaginable external prostate massage experience by repeating several times. 

 Other Techniques of External Prostate Massage

Now, let's take a look at some of the top tips I've researched. These may help solve the problem of how to perform external massage on the prostate.

- Kneading methods
① Finger rubbing method: The top of your fingers are pressed firmly in the perineum doing circular rubbing, clockwise and counterclockwise back and forth.
②Palm Kneading Method: The center of the palm of your hand is focused on the perineum to do circular kneading.

One of the benefits of using the palm of your hand is that you will feel a warm current in your off part when you massage, your external prostate massage experience will reach a new height.


- Massage method
Use the palm surface or the surface of the index, middle, ring and little finger to attach to the area of application and rub the wrist joint together with the forearm in a clockwise or counterclockwise circular motion.

Action key
① Relax the upper limbs and wrist and palm, and lightly place them on the key areas.
②The movements need to be gentle and coordinated, and a gentle speed is preferable for the pressure.

- Twisting method

Use the threaded surface of the thumb and the radial edge of the index finger to hold the applied area and rub it quickly.


Key to the action
①Twisting should be fast and moving slowly.
②Movement of the index finger should be the main focus of twisting, supplemented by the movement of the thumb.
③The action should be consistent.

Tips: 1. When you try the above massage techniques for external prostate massage, be sure to press gently, and the number of clockwise massages is about 30 to 40 times.
2.The pressure must be gentle when massaging, and lubricating fluid can be used before massaging to reduce discomfort.
3.Each massage should be at least 3 days apart to prevent discomfort caused by addiction to prostate massage.

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