How to Use the Vibrator to Make Her "wet" Instantly

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The vibrator sex toys is superbly used, which can make a woman's love fluid flow, and she can't extricate herself from the pleasure. Therefore, the vibrator is like the "Dinghaishenzhen" in sex.


In married life, knowing how to use sex toys to help sex is a trick to develop a married life. You may wish to learn how to use the LEVETT vibrator.

Step 1. Press the Sensitive Area

  Areas such as nipples, vulva, labia, clitoris, G-spot, anus, etc. Then, hold the body of the vibrator and place its head, that is, the vibration area, on these sensitive points. At the beginning, you can press a certain part and do not move, so that women can continue to enjoy the stimulation of the vibration.

When pressing, you can adjust the frequency of the vibrating stick, which is usually divided into three gears: low, medium and high. It can be kept in one gear during use, or it can be changed back and forth.

Step 2. Start "CIRCLING"

  After pressing on the sensitive area for a period of time, she is also somewhat used to the stimulation brought by the vibrator.

At this moment, men can hold the sex toys to "circle" and rotate the sensitive area, that is, press and hold the sensitive area to rotate the vibrator to increase the stimulation to her. The frequency can also be changed at this moment.

Step 3. Change the Stimulation Frequency

  After pressing and "circling", the man can temporarily lift the vibrator, with an interval of 1 or 2 seconds, then put down the vibrator and continue to press or "circle", giving the woman a feeling of being on and off.

Do not change the frequency when doing this kind of stimulation, it is best to adjust to the maximum amplitude.

Step 4. Let the Stick Swim the Whole Body

After teasing a woman's sensitive area for a period of time, hold the vibrator and walk around her body. Choose the starting point by yourself, preferably from the chest to the private parts, and then detour to the back, which will stimulate the woman more comprehensively.

Tip: Roaming with the maximum frequency will make her feel better yo.


 Step 5. Formal Insertion

Wait until the woman's private parts secrete the love liquid and moisten it, and then insert it slowly to avoid dryness, pain and other adverse conditions. If it is still a little dry, you can use lubricating oil; if you are afraid of unsanitary, you can put a condom on the stick.

In fact, at this moment, both men and women can officially "go to war", and the task of vibrator sex toys is temporarily over.

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