Why Do Couples Like to Sleep in Separate Rooms After Living for a Long Time?

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1/4 couples sleep in separate beds for stressful reasons, according to a new study.
By observing their sleeping and living habits, it was found that long hours of work and the presence of children are the main reasons why partners sleep in separate beds.

 A study reported in The Sun found that parents in the UK sleep with their children an average of five times a month.

Main reasons for sleeping in separate beds
 Other reasons were more realistic: 25% chose to sleep in another bed because their partner snored; 19% said their partner often fell asleep on the couch and watched TV all night. Be there; 14% don't want to wake their partner up early for work; while 60% admit they simply prefer to sleep on their own.


  But 38% said they split up because of a relationship issue. Of course, sleeping on your own creates a whole host of problems, with several respondents saying their relationship was made worse by sleeping in separate beds.

 With 28% frankly saying that sleeping in a different bed means they have less sex, it's not hard to see why 31% said they didn't tell their relatives and friends that they had separated from their partner.

sleep well

"Long hours of work and children are big issues, and it's no wonder that most Britons are no longer sharing a bed with their partner, spending more time in intimacy, and someone saying, 'We're living our whole lives Spending the middle third of your time in bed and getting a good night's sleep with your partner is an important guarantee of healthy living and happiness. "Women with Stories

I sleep better when I sleep on my own.
  It would be fantastic to think that snoring is the main reason why partners sleep apart. In fact, it was because we had a problem with our relationship and not because we were afraid of snoring and disturbing each other, and it was not a good idea to sleep separately. If you sleep apart for temporary relief, you're missing an opportunity for effective communication.

  Children Sleep Children are more important than relationships. The relationship between my husband and I has been so bad that you and I can’t work normally. There have been estrangements between us that cannot be eliminated, even to the point of getting a divorce. It’s just that for the sake of the family’s reputation and children, I will choose to continue living together and only Just sleeping in separate beds. But I believe that many couples with children will have the same idea as us: the healthy and happy growth of the children is the most important thing compared to the relationship.

Comfortable Sleep

I think stress is the biggest problem. Why do partners who have lived together for so long suddenly emphasize that they like to sleep on the sofa?

A good night's sleep and intimacy with your partner are better for your health than a sofa, right? If you want to relax and eliminate fatigue, sleep more! Is it ok to get 7 hours of sleep? This ensures that your energy is sufficient to cover your work stress. I like watching TV, but turn on the screen light a little lower, so that it will not affect sleep.

watch tv all night

I don't think there should be a TV in the bedroom, or at all in the house.

My uncle just locks the TV in his house and only lets it show up for something like the Olympics or a show. I have to say that their family has always been energetic and has a very good relationship.

 ease the couple relationship

My wife and I decided to sleep in separate rooms just to ease the relationship, and we lived in two houses. We don't quarrel at all now, but we've also cut off all contact. 

This does not represent what all partners think. What if two people are together and it's just that one goes to bed later than the other or wakes up much earlier than the other and wants to not disturb their loved ones?

Who cares if they sleep next to each other as long as they are loving and spending quality time together from time to time? No matter what's wrong with my boyfriend, as long as I'm in his bed, it doesn't matter. And snoring, sleep apnea, and severe insomnia are all health problems that should be taken care of or even sought medical attention.

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