For Singles or Couples - How Sex Toys Can Make You Better?

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For most people they have a sexual partner and are content with that sexual partner which is great! However, using a sex toy can be better as it can help you understand yourself in ways others cannot show or tell you.

Allow me to clarify:

Sex toys can help boost your sexual moods. Let’s say you don’t know how to participate in foreplay. Using a sex toy you can take time out to explore different parts of the body and explain to yourself and your partner what may or may not feel good to you. This will also help greatly with your orgasms, as your orgasms will increase with use of sex toys.

You are single and require sexual pleasures but are not ready to date or be sleeping with someone you can use sex toys to maintain your libido, and release stress as many times as you need. Because your sex toys don’t have rules, you can do as you please.

Sex toys is very healthy for you. It helps you heal, and helps keep your body juices flowing properly. Not only do you look and feel good, but your body is able to keep up with demanding days because you eliminated the stress by using your sex toy.

Couples connected. Using toys are a lot less stressful then waiting for your partner to spend quality time with you. Some relationships are very strong in communication but lack in sexual contact, using a sex toy you don’t have to cheat to get your pleasure you can use your toys to orgasm and then detail it to your partner. It keeps the spark going.

Healthy sleep and is an anxiety aid. Now this is for everyone, but if you are single and find that you are having troubles with sleep or anxiety you can use sex toys to calm your nerves and with the release of dopamine you can get a very restful night’s sleep.

New sexual ideas without the embarrassment. I’m sure there are some people out there that want new things done to them. However if you are not sure how to tell someone, using a sex toy makes it easier for you to discover, and detail to your partner what you like without embarrassing moments.

To be very honest I believe sex toys should be a normal thing in our daily lives, regardless if we have a long term partner, and friend with benefits or swinging solo having a sex toy at hand just makes life much easier and less stressful. Happy Sex Toy Hunting!

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Sexual Wellness Coach & Expert at Sexuality and Relationships   Hannah Becky


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